The Amanda Little Bag

The Amanda Little Bag

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 This is going to be the start of a beautiful friendship! This bag makes a great travel buddy or lunch buddy. The loop allows you to put it around your wrist or hang it on a hook.   I added a keychain loop that you can either take off or add your keys. 

How To Use:     Put stuff inside and make memories. I use this to hold my crap when  I am walking the dog. Classy! 

What's is made of:  The material is 100% cotton

*100% washable -  Use  delicate cold wash 

*Always Air Dry,- Fold the side pleats and hand-flatten the material when wet. Hang dry.

This bag is size and dimension: 

Size: 4" by 4"   Slightly narrows at the top

Strap: The strap is 1" by 4"  Lanyard hook at end of loop for easy access. 


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